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Media Kit Rev. 6/26/2017

Hearst Story Studio

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New Deadlines Start Jan 2

2018 GO Rate Card New Deadlines

2018 Rate Card New Deadlines

2017 Digital Rate Card Rev. 10/4/2017

2017 Real Estate Open Rate Card

2018 Special Publications

2018 Real Estate Schedule NEW

2018 Special Section Schedule NEW

2018 Camps Section

2018 Home Design + Decor Magazine

Weekly Editorial Features Rev. 6/19/2017

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2018 ROP Deadlines NEW

2017 Print Marketing Specifications
Rev. 6/23/2017

2018 Classified & Obituary Deadlines

Digital Specifications Rev. 8/4/2017

2017 Premium Section Specifications

Hearst Direct

2017 Hearst Direct Brochure Rev. 6/23/2017

2017 Subscriber Insert Rate Sheet

The Hour & Wilton Villager

2017 The Hour/Wilton Villager Rate Sheets