1. Introductions


2. Auditions


Character education begins at Hyde on day #1, with an exercise called “Introductions.” The entire student body assembles in the Student Union, and each student takes a turn on stage in front of the entire school, vocalizing a simple 5-part introduction: Here’s an example: “My name is Johnny Jones… I’m 17 years old… I’m from Cambridge, Massachusetts… I’m a junior… And this is my third year at Hyde.”The student is expected to offer these five pieces of information audibly, coherently, and with volume sufficient to carry the auditorium. For some, this is an easy task. For others, it’s agonizing. However, a bond develops within the student body. Not only does no one laugh at anyone else, everyone applauds the whole school at the end. The students have now proven to themselves that they can speak on stage in front of an audience. Learn More


  This Hyde School tradition might be considered Advanced Introductions. Every student and every faculty member at the school sings a solo – unaccompanied by instrumentation – in front of the entire student body. This always proves to be one of the more electrifying times of the year.Why do this? For one thing, it’s a challenge and challenges build courage and character. However, this doesn’t speak to the hidden benefits. Years ago, an alumnus told the headmaster that he had recently been hired for a job for which he was technically under-qualified. The job opening announcement called for a Master’s Degree. Not only did this alumnus have only a Bachelor’s Degree, he was a bit younger than others applying for the job. When the headmaster asked him why he thought he prevailed, he replied, “It must have been those auditions I did back at Hyde! They taught me to present myself with confidence and my new employers obviously liked the way I came across.” Learn More