Get the results you’re looking for with custom, cost effective messages designed just for your business.

Our direct marketing solutions can bring your message to every household in the market, or a
targeted selection of your best potential customers. We offer design, print and delivery options to
suit every size business and budget, with attractive, high-impact AdNotes, single sheets, menus,
booklets and more. Our direct mail program can put custom-designed postcards, self-mailers
and letters into the households you’re looking to reach.

We Offer:

Single Sheets
Glossy stock, printed 4-color on both sides are affordable! Print Now, Deliver Later program
saves you even more. All are targeted to the zip code level if desired. Takes only 10–16 days.

Front Page AdNotes (Sticky Notes)
Maximum impact! Great results and visibility.

Four-page Flyers & Multipage Booklets
Ideal for brochure style presentations of products and descriptions, catalogs and course offerings.
Targeted to the zip code or entire area. Additional store copies available.

Direct Mail
It’s easy to integrate direct mail into your multi-channel marketing programs. Hearst Direct can
help you design, target and execute even the most intricate programs. We start with understanding
your targetsand objectives, then develop the program to reach them. We have what it takes
to maximize your return on investment!

Savings Source (TMC) Shared Mail
Every week, over 225,936 households receive this powerhouse shopping vehicle. It’s the vehicle
of choice for retailers who want to reach a mass audience. Savings Source is distributed to the
zip code level.

YES! Your Essential Shopper (SMC)
YES! Your Essential Shopper is part of our Select Insert program for non-subscribers. Your inserts are delivered Saturday and Sunday to only the most desirable non-subscriber households in the market area.

Using advertisers and trade associations as sources, Yes! includes articles with a shopping focus that cover both national and local retailers. This engaging editorial environment assures excellent readership.

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